Friday, March 1, 2013

Are You Making A Difference?

Jude 1:22 And of some have compassion, making a difference
We're  living in this world, but are we making a difference? Are we really making a difference?  In the Bible we find that every time Jesus had an encounter with people there was a change. He healed some, some were humbled, some were angry ...but all were affected in some way by their encounter with Jesus.  As we come into contact with various individual does our manner of life impact them? Do our words and actions reflect the Saviors love ?  Do we have compassion for  people in their time of need, When maybe all they need is encouragement, comfort or just knowing that someone cares.  Does our lives direct others to the One who makes  the difference in quality of life ?  We are to be salt and light.
It seems that there are so many needs today, some we recognize many we do not.  It may be our blessing today to recognize a need in the life of some individual that we are acquainted with or one that is a stranger to us.. The blessing will not be in recognizing the need but in doing something about it. A good place to look is in nursing homes, shut ins because of age or infirmities, the sick, those in mourning.  Seek and you will find.  What can we do?  A phone call, a visit, a card, a smile,  a hug  or even a small gift of remembrance.   A little is a lot if the Lord is in it      
The story is told of the little girl  who was walking along the beach when she noticed that the high tide had washed hundreds of starfish upon the shore. She realized that they would soon die being out of water. She began to pick  up one at a time and throw it back into the ocean.
An older man came up to her and ask,Why are you doing this there are hundreds, maybe thousands of them. Do you really think you can make a difference?  The little girl picked up a starfish, threw it back  into the ocean and replied, I made a difference to that one, didn't I ?   Yes, you can make a difference today.  Having compassion makes a difference.
 O' Lord help me to be a blessing to someone today. Bless those upon our prayer listing and all that have needs. Lord help us all to be salt and light that your name may be praised. Thank you for your blessings upon me and my family. Forgive me of my sins both of commission and omission. It is in Jesus name I pray. Amen